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How will Dog Daycare or Boarding Help Socialize My Dog?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Dog Daycare and Boarding facilities can enhance your dog’s socialization in many ways. A well-adjusted dog is well socialized. They are pack animals, so they enjoy being around other dogs and humans. There are some dogs who may need it more than others and a dog daycare or boarding experience will help their socialization skills and stimulation of being a dog that comes natural to them. So, what does this mean and is it a good decision for your furry best friend?

Is your dog shy?

If so, you may think that this environment will not benefit your shy dog, but it could be quite the opposite helping them become more confident and outgoing. The dog daycare or boarding staff are usually experienced in helping dogs socialize and can provide guidance on how to best interact with other dogs. Therefore, if you are considering daycare for your dog, it is worth discussing with them to see if it would be a good fit for your pet. There are some cases where your shy dog can turn into aggressive behavior, but you won’t know without a proper meet and greet and taking that chance to see if they could benefit from it. The facility will give you an honest up-front answer.

It Comes down to the Dog Daycare and Boarding Facility and Staff

There are many different personalities and breeds that are taken in by a dog facility. If you choose a trustworthy dog care facility, the staff knows each and every dog like they were their own. This is vital to understanding and being part of the pack. Dogs are very sensitive to their surroundings and so there is a lot of one-on-one sniffing, circling, and sometimes voicing their opinions when a new dog is introduced to the pack. The dog facility staff is there to ensure that taking in a new dog in is done safely and slowly with the best interest of all parties in mind. Why is this good for you and your dog? This helps to reduce the chances of dog fights breaking out and also helps to make sure that dogs are well-rounded. In addition, daycare staff can offer advice on dog care and training, providing valuable resources for dog owners. BE sure to choose a local trusting dog facility that has held a good reputation with other dog owners.

Stimulation is Key to Choosing Dog Daycare or Boarding Facility

Choose a dog care facility that has plenty of activities available to your dog while they are in their care. This includes dog toys, agility courses, pools if the can accommodate it, and indoor and outdoor areas to play. A cage-free environment for dogs is the best way to go. They can rest, play, and engage as much as they want so that when they come home to their owners they are satisfied. This also eliminates boundaries/walls between dogs so that they feel they are in a safe space that will not trigger any territorial aggression. It’s stimulating to allow your dog the chance to experience a strange pack in a strange place so that the next time they visit it will be an easy transition for you and your best friend. This can benefit in other places too, not just the dog facility including the dog park, long walks in busy areas, and going for a ride to a friend or family’s home that has other dogs.

Looking for dog daycare or boarding services in the Tazewell County and surrounding areas? Give Lil’ Doggy Daycare a call.

Lil’ Doggy Daycare has two available locations located at 649 W. David Street Morton, IL and 235 Schulzki Lane, East Peoria, IL. Lil' Doggy Daycare is fully licensed and insured and offers cage-free boarding and daycare services for dogs 30 lbs. and under. Our facilities are clean and safe with the freedom to play outdoors and indoors with plenty of friends, toys, and agility equipment. The dogs in our care will receive lots of belly rubs & love throughout the day and come home pay and tired while dreaming of their next visit. Give us a call at 309.210.4474 or visit to request a booking and learn more about our dog daycare located in central Illinois.

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