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Tips on Preparing Your Dog for Overnight Boarding

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

It’s a very big decision what dog daycare to choose and can be nerve wracking trying to make sure your little furry one is taken care of. Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself and your dog for a day or week at a dog daycare or boarding facility.

First and foremost, look at their website and ask friends and family if they have any recommendations. Also, look at reviews to see what people are experiencing and rates are also a bug factor on what will be coming out of pocket.

Meet and Greet

Most dog services offer a meet and greet to be sure that your dog is compatible with other dogs and can be part of the established pack and people that are caring for your little one. Dogs sniff where scents assemble and disperse. They do this to get the lay of the land, which is fundamental to their well-being, without the presence of their guardian. This will help reduce stress.

Take your dogs bed and toys

When dogs are scared, they tend to run to their bed and stay there until they feel at ease again. They have a place to feel comfortable that is also familiar to them by taking your dog’s bed to overnight dog boarding with them. The boarding service will undoubtedly have a comfortable bed for your canine and even over time your bed won’t be needed once they have established the dog daycare to be a safe place. However, its bed will be familiar and have a positive effect in the long run. Toys are the same when it comes to a first or second visit. Some dogs consider their stuffed friends a companion and again will relieve stress making the transition smoother.

Update Vaccinations

There’s always some risk of contracting viruses from other dogs when housed in any dog care facility, so don’t avoid this step. You should protect the pack! Viruses, such as canine distemper, are known to spread primarily in dog daycares or kennels. All dog boarding or day care facilities require your dog (canine) to be up-to-date on vaccinations before their stay long or short. Without these vaccinations you won’t be able to get services from a trusted dog daycare of boarding facility.

Reduce Stress for the Pack and for the Daycare’s Caregivers

No one wants to bring a dog into an environment with bad behavior if anyone can help it. Train your pup, teach basic commands, and socialize it with other animals. These techniques ensure that the dog is not caught in an environment where he or she will become hostile. Being taken out of their environment is strange and so be sure your dog can handle it. This is why a meet and greet is in place before anything is decided.

Looking for dog daycare or boarding services in the Tazewell County and surrounding areas? Give Lil’ Doggy Daycare a call.

Lil’ Doggy Daycare has two available locations located at 649 W. David Street Morton, IL and 235 Schulzki Lane, East Peoria, IL. Lil' Doggy Daycare is fully licensed and insured and offers cage-free boarding and daycare services for dogs 30 lbs. and under. Our facilities are clean and safe with the freedom to play outdoors and indoors with plenty of friends, toys, and agility equipment. The dogs in our care will receive lots of belly rubs & love throughout the day and come home pay and tired while dreaming of their next visit. Give us a call at 309.210.4474 or visit to request a booking and learn more about our dog daycare located in central Illinois.

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